We trust Kamloops Full Gospel will be a place where you can recognize and experience the love, joy, peace and life that Jesus Christ offers. We are here to raise each other up and provide ministries best suited to meet you and your family's needs. While you're here, feel free to take some time to familiarize yourself with our vision, beliefs and ministries. We hope that as you praise, learn and journey alongside us, your faith will know no bounds! 

Pray Canada Campaign 2019

Leading Influence Ministries is a faith-based organization focused on providing non-partisan spiritual care and prayer support for elected officials in leadership across Canada. In preparation for the Federal Election this fall, they have launched a prayer campaign: 

"We believe God has a purpose and plan for Canada that is much greater than anything we could imagine for ourselves. And when we seek God’s heart and will through prayer, we’re aligning ourselves to be an active part of that plan.

Join us as we embrace this opportunity ­to pray for the future of Canada like never before and believe that through us God will do great things." 

See their website here to partner in prayer for your riding, or for more information. 

Our Home Church

Here at Kamloops Full Gospel, we know we've come from a rich history of community and that's something we want to continue. We believe in the importance of team and that, just like Paul speaks of, we each have a unique role to fill in the body of Christ. We believe we are each responsible to be a part of our church family, and the global family of followers in Christ. We love to worship together, learn together, have fun together and serve together. 

Join us!