This blog is a branch of Kamloops Full Gospel, where we can share with you our faith through the written word, inspired by His Word. There, our leadership will be sharing their hearts and faith-filled thoughts through various written series through the seasons. As time goes on, we’ll be writing more and more, so keep checking back to see what’s new! 

You can find the home page of our blog here, or you can read below to see what blog series are available. 

Summer Psalms

In this blog series over the summer of 2018, members of our leadership wrote different entries about different parts of Psalms. Each has a different style and unique wisdom to contribute. 

Visit this series here. 

What A Wonderful World! 

In this blog series starting in Fall 2018, our Youth Pastor wrote a series of posts all focusing on pulling out the parts of life that are wonderful. Each post focuses on something else to both encourage deeper thought and bolster. 

Visit this series here.